Even though the Agency has already a book of business in the need of a Standard Company we do have a marketing plan already implemented which consist in the following.

  1. Distribution of marketing material (flyers, business cards and mailing of postcards).
  2. Weekly routines to speak to different businesses around the community that can refer us potential customers.
  3. Monthly events getting engage with the community.
  4. Online videos providing Insurance information as well posting constant information of the Agency through social media.
  5. Customer referral plan.

Although there is a lot of competition in the Industry our IBARRA AGENCY LLC understands focus and feels confident of potential growth due to the fact office is located inside a recognized Realty office in Schaumburg IL a city with massive diverse community and businesses around the area. Another advantage of us is that our two producers in the Agency are bilingual in English and Spanish, and servicing the Latino community for many years. The Agents working in Ibarra Agency LLC have the experience and knowledge acquired through years of hard work to be able to serve the community. Also, Ibarra Agency LLC is in the need of a Standard Carrier to place large number of customers acquiring and refinancing houses through the Realty Company where the main office is located.