Since the growth of the Agency that established in 2018, President Araceli Ibarra-Maldonado is in the need of new Carriers who can benefit the clientele and business. Gross premiums continued to rise by about 50% since the 2nd year of operations. We feel we are in demand of Insurance diversity of products, mostly for our Latino community who is expanding by about 9.5% around our area and who some of those percentages are becoming business owners and need good carriers to cover their businesses and assets. About 50% of Tax services clientele would ask for another type of service within our office as well.

The Agency at the moment is only working with two non-standard Carriers which we have been able to double premiums within the first 2 years of service and keep our renewal percentage at 91%. At the moment we have no Carrier who can provide coverage for customers looking to Insure businesses, heavy commercial auto and motorcycles. Also, our number of referrals for homeowner’s insurance will increase by more than 250% and those customers need to be placed at outside Agencies Companies in the case we cannot provide the service.